Wollongong branch part of largest fundraiser in Australia

CONVOY 2013 Tooting horns and the steady grumble of trucks and motorbikes filled the Illawarra on Sunday 17 November as more than 1500 vehicles, including four trucks from Alsco’s Wollongong branch took part in the i98FM Camp Quality Convoy. The annual event is the largest fundraiser in Australia, having raised over $5 million dollars since […]


A milestone for Alsco – the move to Glendenning – one year on

Clean Room Garments, Deane Apparel and Fresh & Clean have all settled in after making the big move. A SYMBOL OF CHANGE AND GROWTH In the 50th Year of operation there was a milestone for Alsco. The new building at Glendenning was complete and Clean Room Garments, Deane Apparel and Fresh & Clean had made the big move in. In a year in which […]

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