First Aid Resources

First aid compliance is important to your business. Not only is your staff’s safety at the top of your mind, your bank balance is, too. Failing to comply with complex WH&S legislation can result in crippling fines of up to $3,000,000.

Luckily for you, Alsco has created a FREE collection of first aid guides, resources and most importantly a free eBook – the Beginner’s Guide To First Aid Workplace Compliance. This eBook provides a complete guide to keeping your workplace safe, secure, and 100% WH&S-compliant.

Included for free:

  • High-quality, printable first aid signs and posters for your workplace
  • An extensive glossary of useful first aid terms and phrases
  • A first aid register to make recording workplace accidents easier
  • A FREE eBook – the Beginner’s Guide To First Aid Workplace Compliance

With Alsco’s resources, you can make your workplace safer for your employees and less at risk of hefty legal fines – all for free. Explore the different categories below to learn more!