Rent vs Buy

Rental is the smart, money-saving option thousands of savvy businesses are choosing across Australia…

Buying a first aid kit seems like a good idea. But with the hassles of complex WH&S legislation, having to relentlessly restock multiple kits, and splashing out a huge chunk of change….that good idea might quickly become a bad one.

You’re in the business of saving your time and money. Well…you’re in luck. At Alsco, we are, too. With our managed rental service, you can let all your worries of legislation, restocking, and cash flow disappear from your mind. Ta-da! Gone.

Why Choose Alsco’s Managed Rental Service?

Renting from Alsco is more than renting. Our team take care of all of your worries – from your financial concerns to jumping through all the complex legal hoops involved.

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is…

  • Cashflow-friendly – avoid large, crippling purchase costs
  • Charged at a flat, fixed annual fee (no sneaky extras!)
  • Up-to-date with complex, confusing WH&S legal guidelines
  • Convenient, hassle-free quarterly servicing
  • Regularly managed by a friendly team of professionals

In 2005, there were 139,630 work-related injuries* in Australia. That’s one injury for every 9 working hours. If your first aid stock has run out or expired, it’s not just a hassle for you – it’s a constant risk for your employees. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

If you choose to buy rather than rent, expect…

  • A huge cash investment and the constant costs of maintenance
  • To juggle dozens of kits and individual suppliers
  • To keep up-to-date with and jump through complex WH&S legal hoops – just to avoid hefty fines
  • The constant worry that your kits are inadequate for the law…and your employees’ safety

The Real-World Risks Of Renting VS Buying

Acme Inc. are a mid-sized computer technology company. To comply with Australian regulations, they’re legally required to have a set number of first aid kits per floor. With 8 floors, that means 16 first aid kits, 8 eyewash stations and 8 defibrillators.

To ‘save money’, Acme Inc. decide to purchase rather than rent their kits. Not only do they have to splash out a hefty initial fee, they’re also responsible for restocking the kits and staying up-to-date with changing WH&S laws. This means…juggling various suppliers, and time spent on regular restocking and legislation checks.

Inevitably, Acme Inc. struggle. One day, an employee burns herself severely in the office kitchen. Because the ‘burns’ module of the first aid kit hasn’t been restocked, she can’t treat her injury properly. Not only are Acme Inc. liable for damages, they could also be fined up to $3,000,000 – simply for not complying with WH&S legislation.

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service eliminates those costs, risks and hassles – entirely. With one fixed annual fee, our professional team checks and restocks your kits every quarter – like clockwork. In renting from us, you can rest assured that you’ll have the exact first aid supplies you need on hand – every time. Even in emergencies*.

An All-Inclusive Service

100% Ready, 100% of the Time

Alsco takes care of everything – including defibrillators, eyewash stations, and first aid kits (vehicle, portable, and wall-mounted).

With Alsco, you pay one fixed annual fee. That’s it. With this, you get a full range of kits – with quarterly servicing and limitless restocking* – at no extra cost.

We reduce the complex process to three, simple steps:

  1. You pay one, fixed annual fee – that’s it
  2. We implement a system of hospital-grade first aid kits, defibrillators and eye-wash stations – specific to your business’s size and industry
  3. With quarterly servicing, we maintain, restock, and recheck kits for WH&S compliance every 3 months – responding to any unique needs within 1-2 working days

Our first aid kits are…

  • Regularly stocked with quality, hospital-grade supplies
  • Inspected and maintained on demand – at no extra cost
  • Fool-proof – a colour-coded system means the right items are used for the right injury
  • Checked regularly to comply with WH&S guidelines with our sophisticated electronic tracking system
  • Sturdy, visible, wall-mounted cabinets for easy use – including first aid kits, defibrillators and eyewash stations

Why Does Australia Pick Alsco?

With over 150 years of experience and 48,000 businesses relying on Alsco each day, we’ve nailed our first aid managed rental service. Our customers choose us for our high-quality kits, professional, tailored-to-fit approach to their business, and our expert handling of WH&S regulations.

Have a look at what they had to say…


“I considered buying our kits, but the stress of legal legislation and the hassle of restocking was unimaginable. Thankfully, Alsco provides a regular, prompt service. It’s great being able to forget about our kits, knowing they’re being taken care of by professionals.”

– Brendan Smith


“Great company, and really responsive to any of our needs or questions. The maintenance team is so friendly! We have actually saved money using their services.”

– Brad Collin


“Alsco know their business. All the kits are high-quality, and are logically organised so injuries can be dealt with appropriately. It’s a relief knowing that our 20+ kits across 10 floors are all well-stocked, good quality, and comply with legislation. Their managed rental service is one I’m happy to recommend.”

– Sarah Clarkson

So, Are You Renting…or Buying?

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Maybe buying is better for your business. Maybe the hefty investment costs aren’t an issue. Maybe you have the time to check and maintain dozens of kits. Maybe potential untreated injuries and fines don’t concern you. Maybe…wading knee-deep in WH&S legislation doesn’t exhaust you. Maybe you actually enjoy it. Who knows?

If you’d rather just join thousands of Australian businesses and let Alsco take all of the above off your mind – permanently – our teams are ready to answer your call.

To learn more about Alsco’s Managed Rental Service, contact 1300 077 391 – or fill out the form below.