Company History

Alsco has been present in Australia for over 50 years. Today it is one of the leading providers of linen, workwear, commercial floor mats, industrial cleaners, First Aid Kits and washroom hygiene services across Australia and New Zealand employing more than 2,200 people.

Alsco provides fully Managed First Aid Kits rental and Nationally Accredited First Aid and Fire Warden Training Services for Australian businesses. These services ensure continuous WH&S compliance. Now, over 40,000 businesses across Australia today trust Alsco to keep their employees safe and healthy.

Alsco First Aid Services are totally committed to promoting safe environmental work practices and providing products that help make your workplace safer, healthier and greener. By providing all your safety needs from fully stocked and serviced First Aid Kits to First Aid and Fire Warden Training Courses, they focus on supporting you to maintain your WH&S compliance. That means you can focus on what you do best – your core business strategies.

Rent vs Buy

Every business recognises the importance of reducing costs and one of those is renting. When a large purchase is made it often has a noticeable impact on the cash resources of a company. When you rent it means there are no upfront costs.

Renting and leasing are solutions which ease the burden of a large cash outflow and help a business to establish itself. When you look at the benefits of renting you can see it’s a good business decision:

  • No upfront costs
  • Tax deductible
  • High standard of presentation
  • Reduces cost of purchasing your own First Aid equipment

Alsco has been providing textile rental services for over one hundred years, and we can bring this service expertise to your business.

We have become a leader in developing and implementing new procedures to improve the rental process for clients, including fully service First Aid kits, defibrillators and eyewash stations, as well as fully managed training services for First Aid and Fire Warens.