Eyewash Stations

The Alsco portable, low-cost, eyewash station is perfect for small workshops, labs and kitchens where debris and liquid hazards can cause irreparable sight damage.

This easily installed station is the essential immediate response before a plumbed solution can be reached.

Along with large hazardous industrial situations, schools are now installing eyewash stations in several locations, protecting the irreplaceable gift of sight.

alsco-eyewash-station-applicationWorkers who are exposed to harmful chemicals and materials need fast access to easy-to-use emergency eye flushing equipment.

Even with perfect safety procedures, safety goggles and personal protective equipment, you can’t guarantee that everyone will always be protected from accidents.

The Alsco Eyewash Station can be easily installed anywhere in your workplace or business and is perfect for small workshops, laboratories, and kitchens where your workers’ eyes might get into contact with harmful chemicals and liquid hazards that can cause permanent sight damage.

The Alsco Eyewash Station is a supplement to other emergency flushing equipment such as showers and plumbed eyewash stations because:

  • Some workplaces are cramped or do not have enough space to allow plumbed emergency flushing equipment.
  • Workplaces that are in constant renovation will cost you much more time and money to install plumbed emergency flushing equipment.
  • Other emergency flushing equipment aren’t adequate to accommodate the number of people in the workplace.

Some workers might be isolated and need immediate on-the-spot decontamination before being able to call for help or get to the other emergency flushing equipment

Alsco Rental Program

Here at Alsco, we provide our unique, tax deductible rental service where your business can get various first aid equipment such as our Eyewash Station, but also get added benefits such as regular maintenance and resupplying services at a fraction of the cost.

Alsco will regularly check and resupply your first aid equipment to make sure that it is ready for use at any time so you don’t have to do it yourself.

You can choose to opt for the Alsco Eyewash Station rental service separately or choose to purchase the complete first aid solution from Alsco that includes:

Key Features


  • Easily-readable graphic instructions on how to use the equipment properly.
  • Durable, sturdy, and safe wall mounted cabinet to ensure that the equipment and flushing liquid won’t be damaged or spilled during earthquakes or explosions
  • The eye cup makes it a no-mess flush system that ensures that the flushing liquid isn’t wasted and is being applied to the contaminated area
  • Includes 2 x 500ml sterile saline flushing solution
  • Includes small mirror for injury assessment
  • Can be easily installed in small or cramped spaces in the workplace thanks to its compact design
  • Unique design making it highly visible so that workers can easily spot it in case of an emergency situation.

Protect your staff from harmful chemicals and materials in the workplace.

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