Safety isn’t just important for your staff. Your company is legally obligated to keep a stringent standard of safety training and awareness. Without that, expect to face hefty WH&S fines. Keeping on top of this can be a challenge – even for the most organised of businesses.

Without help, you have to…

  • Painstakingly train and retrain a set number of staff
  • Keep track of trained staff, certificate expiry dates, and when to retrain replacements
  • Create an actionable safety and evacuation strategy
  • Stay up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing WH&S regulations

That’s why Alsco’s Managed Training is a complete solution to your company’s training needs. We’ve developed a streamlined system to keep your company safe, secure, and compliant with the law.

Why Pick Alsco’s Managed Training?

  • Benefit From Our Expertise – Professional instructors will train specific staff members in relevant safety skills through flexible, tailored training courses
  • Easy, Efficient Administration – Use one online system to track trained staff, expiring certifications, and get prompted for retraining
  • Handle Emergencies Effectively– Our training is designed to prepare your staff for real emergency situations – you’ll always have someone on hand who can help
  • Avoid Extortionate WH&S Fines – Our training system is designed to keep you WH&S compliant at all times – avoiding hefty fees up to $3,000,000
  • One Affordable Annual Fee – With one fee, everything – training, management, and our expertise – is included. Keep your cashflow healthy and avoid unpredictable training fees

Alsco Training: Keeping You Safe, Prepared & Legally Compliant

First Aid Training

Being able to respond effectively to workplace emergencies isn’t just a necessity for your staff’s wellbeing, it’s a legal requirement for your business. From heart attacks to electrocution, you want your people to be prepared for the worst so they can do their best.

Our expert training instructors will rigorously prepare your staff for any given workplace emergency. Each training course is also carefully tailored to fit your industry, company, and employees.

Learn more about our First Aid Training.

Fire Warden & Evacuation Training

Fires are a devastating cause of damages, destruction, and loss of life in Australia. Having people you can trust in a fire scenario can make the difference between an emergency and a traumatic tragedy for your business.

Through our Fire Warden & Evacuation Training courses, we’ll teach key employees how to deal with emergency fires and handle the evacuation of staff.

Learn more about our Fire Warden & Evacuation Training.

Managed Training Service

As an Australian business, you’re legally required to comply with complex safety regulations. Keeping on top of who’s trained, who needs retraining, and when…can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Our complete managed training service does just that – manages every little detail of your training and safety needs. The results? We save you the headache of training so you have more time to focus on running your business.

Learn more about our Managed Training Service.

An Example of the Importance of Safety Training

ACME Inc. own a 25-story office building in Melbourne. They have a first aider and designated safety officer – as per WH&S requirements. In the face of crises, these staff can evacuate the building, respond to emergencies, and treat injuries.

Four of ACME Inc.’s trained first aiders leave the company in a year. Added to that, three of their safety officers training certificates have expired. Due to a lack of organisation, ACME neglected to ensure these key staff members were replaced and retrained.

One year, there’s an office fire that destroys 2 floors and injures 10 employees. Due to a lack of adequately trained staff, the evacuation is chaotic, and the injured staff aren’t treated properly. The results? ACME Inc. are not only liable for their employee’s injuries, they’re also likely to receive substantial WH&S fines for their lack of training (up to $3,000,000).

With Alsco’s managed training service, ACME Inc., would not be in the above situation.

Not only does Alsco train your staff; we also keep on top of who’s trained, when their certificates expire, and any changes to WH&S regulations that might affect your company. With one, single annual payment – we take care of every little detail, leaving you stress-free and time-wealthy.

Learn More About Alsco’s Training Services

With Alsco’s Managed Training, we’ll apply an extensive, 7-step process designed to meet your business’s training needs perfectly. With our range of flexible courses, you’re guaranteed to find the relevant training your company requires.

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