Foreign Object In EENT

In our daily activities at the workplace, there are times when foreign objects accidentally enters our body through the eyes, noses, ears or throats. Foreign bodies are things that are stuck inside the body by inhaling, swallowing or getting one from an injury or puncture.

Foreign Objects can be stuck in a person’s:

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Skin

Some foreign objects do not very alarming. However, inhaled or swallowed foreign bodies may cause bowel obstruction or choking that require medical attention.

First Aid for Foreign Objects Entering the Body

Unless they can be easily taken out without causing further damage, do not attempt to take foreign bodies out. Stabilise the position of the foreign objects before taking the person to the hospital for treatment.

  • Foreign objects in the eyes – which could be sand particles or dusts can be irrigated with clean water. Inform the person to stop rubbing the eye. In worse cases, send the injured person to the hospital immediately.
  • Foreign objects in the nose – do not attempt to remove the foreign bodies out. Advise the person to breath with his mouth and note if there is breathing difficulty. Then send the injured person to the hospital immediately.
  • Foreign objects in the ears – Do not try to remove the foreign bodies as it may cause damage to the eardrum or ear canal. If it is an insect. Flood the ear with oil (baby oil) to float the object out. Send the injured person th the hospital immediately.
  • Swallowed foreign objects – These can be undigested or sharp objects in the food like bones. This can cause swelling or airway obstruction. When this happens, do not give the person any drink or food. Reassure the person and send him/her immediately to the hospital. Also refer to Choking.