Broken Bone

There are many causes that lead to broken bones some even as a result of a weakened skeletal system due to diseases or cancer. Other factors can be due to direct blows, an outside force or repetitive, strenuous movement (as in the case of athletes), falling from a height or being fallen on by something heavy as well as other accidents.


  • Visible bone through broken skin
  • Visible misshapen joint or limb
  • Intense pain, numbness or tingling
  • Inability to move a limb, or a difficulty to flex body parts
  • Tumors and hereditary bleeding problems or disorders
  • Hormonal changes like during pregnancies
  • Stress and exhaustion

First Aid for Broken Bone

1. DR. ABC
Check for airway and breathing as bones may be broken in more areas during accident. Call for an ambulance and perform CPR as necessary. Seek medical assistance.

2. Keep the person calm and still
While waiting for help to arrive, assure the victim, assuming they are conscious, and keep him or her calm. Broken bones like other accidents are more or less frightening ordeals and having someone with the victim makes them feel secure. Check for other injuries as well.

3. Avoid infection
Especially if the skin had become broken, treat immediately to avoid infection, but do not probe or poke, also breathe on the wound as this can also cause infection. A light rinse would be ideal to get dirt and other contaminants out; no vigorous scrubbing. Cover with sterile dressing.

4. Immobilize the bone, prevent shock
Use padded or thick boards, magazines or any and other available straight and strong materials to keep the limb stationary until emergency help arrives. Apply ice packs to keep from pain and swelling. Prevent shock as well: lay the victim flat, elevate the feet by 12 inches above the head and cover with a blanket. But exercise caution: DO NOT move the victim if you suspect him or her as having head, neck or back injury. (See Head Injury)

5. Stay out of the way
If medical response has come immediately, let them take further action as they probably know more than you do. The important thing is to make certain no harm happens to the victim.


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