Bleeding: Miscarriage


  • Bleeding or spotting
  • Severe abdominal pain or around the tummy area
  • No movement from baby especially during late second or third trimester
  • Preterm labour

Risk Factors causing Miscarriage

  • Age. It is said that healthy pregnancies are those that happen in women between 20 to 30 years of age. Any pregnancy that happens 35 years and beyond may be considered at risk as the reproductive system might not be that healthy anymore.
  • History, if there had been recurring miscarriage before.
  • Bacterial or viral infections affecting pregnancies.
  • Problems with uterus structure or birth placement.
  • Exposure or abuse of substance such as the excessive intake of caffeine, cigarette or drugs as well as alcohol.
  • Blood-clotting disorder or other diseases.
  • The father’s age, especially beyond 35 contributing to weaker sperm.


Early prenatal care given and received by pregnant women is the best known prevention for all pregnancy complications as it is through this care that diseases can be detected and treated early on. It is also useful to establishing the proper caution women should take, what to avoid and what not to avoid.

While pregnant, contact your physician if you suspect the first signs of miscarriage like vaginal bleeding or heavy-like menstrual flow with thick mucus-like passing. And if the pregnancy is already established sensitive by your doctor, rest as needed and don’t risk it through heavy activities, unnecessary drugs especially those not prescribed and sexual intercourse.

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